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Welcome to the first step of your QCWA Journey!

Dive into the legacy of Amateur Radio with the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA), an organization that honors its deep-rooted history and vibrant community. Our doors are open to enthusiasts who have developed a love for Amateur Radio for at least 25 years. This is your pathway to becoming part of a distinguished group that celebrates the spirit of Amateur Radio across the globe.

Eligibility Requirements:

If you currently hold an Amateur Radio license and received your initial license 25 years ago or more, you qualify. Continuity over these years is not a prerequisite, ensuring a wide embrace for our varied members. Whether marking your 25th Anniversary in Amateur Radio or boasting decades of experience, we invite you to apply.

Submitting Your Application:

Online Process:

Kickstart your journey by providing proof of your initial amateur radio licensure. We accept the following as valid evidence:
- A scan or photograph of your original license.
- A logbook page demonstrating your amateur radio journey.
- A QSL card that reflects your engagement in the amateur radio community.

Please send your documentation to the Office Manager at [email protected] for verification. Our comprehensive archive stretches back over 115 years, and we are adept at verifying memberships even for licenses issued at the tail end of a year. This unique capability allows us to accommodate verification with great accuracy, ensuring no one is left behind.

Paper Application for US Residents:

For those who prefer a more traditional touch, our paper application process is designed for you here: https://www.qcwa.org/membership-application-form-us.pdf
Complete your application by printing and mailing the form alongside your payment to HQ.

Membership Options:

- Regular Membership:
- 1-Year: $25
- 2-Year: $40
- 3-Year: $55
- Lifetime: $500

- Family Membership Add-Ons:
(Applicable for family members at the same address)
- 1-Year: $8
- 2-Year: $15
- 3-Year: $20
- Lifetime: $160

For Our EU Members:

Please answer the final application question to facilitate the swift processing of your EU membership.

Join Our Legacy:

Upon receiving your application, all information will be seamlessly integrated into our administrative database, granting you privileged access to our extensive “Members Only” sections the next business day.

Showcase Your Pride with QCWA Merchandise:

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A Warm Welcome Awaits:

Becoming a QCWA member links you to a prestigious lineage of amateur radio aficionados, unlocking access to a treasure trove of knowledge, exclusive resources, and a worldwide community. If amateur radio beats at the core of your interests, your search ends here. Welcome home!

Stay connected with the Quarter Century Wireless Association by renewing your membership. Embrace the tradition and network of skilled amateur radio operators with a membership tier that suits your commitment to the craft. Here are your options for continuing the journey with QCWA:

Regular Membership Renewal:
- 1-Year: $25.00 – keep involved for another year.
- 2-Year: $40.00 – A cost-effective plan for continued engagement.
- 3-Year: $55.00 – Extended membership for a dedicated presence.
- Lifetime: $500.00 – A one-time payment for lifelong involvement with QCWA.

Family Membership Renewal:
(Available to family members residing at the same address as a Regular member)
- 1-Year: $8.00 – Keep a family member involved for another year.
- 2-Year: $15.00 – An economical option for family members to stay connected.
- 3-Year: $20.00 – More time, more memories with the QCWA family.
- Lifetime: $160.00 – Unlimited family involvement that lasts a lifetime.

For EU Members: Your application must be complete, including the response to the final question, to ensure timely processing of your renewal.

By renewing your membership, you continue to support and participate in an association that values heritage, fellowship, and the advancement of amateur radio. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to QCWA.

USA Shipping: Included
Int'l Shipping: contact HQ
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