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Membership - Apply On Line Life Member Card (Replacement)
Regular Membership
1 Year - $25.00
2 Year - $40.00
3 Year - $55.00
Life - $500.00

Family Membership
1 Year - $ 8.00
2 Year - $15.00
3 Year - $20.00
Life - $160.00

Proof of First Licensed
Forward a picture or a scan of one of the following: your original license, a page from your log book or a qsl card. Send it to the Office Manager at om@qcwa.org as an attachment. We can always verify your call using our call books, we have them going back to 1912. If you were licensed late in the year they may not show you as licensed until the following year

EU Members
: a choice MUST be made on the last question so we can process your application.

USA Shipping: Included
Int'l Shipping: contact HQ